Still geeking out

The other day I took The Children to Burger King for lunch.  Now, regular subscribers know I do love my fast food.  But this time I had an ulterior motive.  I was after more than just fries and an extra large Diet Coke.  No, this time, I was after the Kid’s Meal toy.  Do you know why?  Eclipse, that’s why.

I got this little purse:


It’s pretty silly and I am not sure what I will do with it, but it’s mine, mine I tell you!

I also got this:

Team Jacob baby!

No my photograph is not blurry, the printing on the crown is blurry.  They gave me faulty merchandise!

I modeled it for Tom and his comment was, “sometimes it is hard to believe you are a grown up.”  I think I should probably be insulted by that.


One thought on “Still geeking out

  1. “Hard to believe you are a grown-up.” Gotta be a compliment of the highest order. Acting like a grown-up is so over-rated .. so I’ve been told. Never tried it myself.

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