5 thoughts on “Should I get a tattoo?

  1. I don’t know… was swimming with the dolphin such a life changing experience that you want to mark it forever? Most people I know with tattoos view them in that way. They mark something in their life. So later, even if they no longer like the design, they still like the tattoo for the memory of the time or event that it marks.

    If it’s just an impulse mid-life crisis kinda thing… meh.

    • Midlife crisis? Midlife crisis?!? Thanks Alan. grumblegrumblegrumble.

      I would threaten not to buy you a wedding present but that is just punishing Diana for your insensitivity!

      • Note to self: don’t give Kath the “Over the Hill” birthday card. Switch to “40’s are the new 20’s”

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