Big Orange rides again

This is Big Orange.


I love this suitcase.  We have taken this suitcase to Sydney, Rome, Michigan and Virginia.  Now it is being readied for the Next Big Thing, a month in Montreal.  This is the best suitcase ever.  First of all, it is huge.  I am pretty sure we could fit the C-Man in it comfortably and check him instead of buying him a ticket.  However, this would be illegal.  Second, nobody else in the world has one like it.  We have had people applaud when it came around the luggage carousel.  Nobody will ever take our suitcase by mistake, and if the airline loses it, it will be easy to find.

Here is just a part of the clothing we are taking with us.

Wow. And that's not even all of it.

Now even Big Orange has his limits, so in order to be sure we have plenty of room for all our stuff, I bought more space bags.

All hail the space bags

Space bags are a great invention.  I hope whoever invented them won some kind of award.  Perhaps the Nobel Prize for traveling.  Anyway, you put your clothes in the space bags and then roll them up to squeeze out all the extra air.  It’s amazing how flat your clothing can get.  I packed for The Princess, the C-man and myself for a week in a gym sized duffel bag once thanks to the miracle of space bags.  Of course your clothes come out wrinkled as heck but who cares?  You are on vacation.

We will saddle up Big Orange on Monday.  Ride ‘em cowboy.


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