The Twilight Saga: Eclipse


So I took Princess O to see Eclipse last night.  We were both very excited.  I called and bought tickets for the 7:30pm show yesterday morning, just to be sure we would get some.  I was hoping the Justin Bieber concert would keep the crowds down a little, but I didn’t want to assume anything.

Then later, while we were out purchasing reading material for our upcoming adventure we stopped by the theatre to pick up our tickets.  And there on the sidewalk was a huge chalk drawing of the Eclipse movie logo.  I said, “oh, I should take a picture” but I didn’t have my camera with me.  And guess what?  I didn’t have my phone with me either, so we made a mental note to bring the camera when we came back for the movie.  But guess what?  We forgot!  So, no picture.  Oops.  Sorry.

Even though we had tickets we still had to wait in a queue to get in and get seats.  We decided we would do that first, and then I would come out and get snacks.  While we waited in like we chatted with the woman behind us, who could not decide if she was Team Jacob (like me and all right-thinking people everywhere) or Team Edward (like the princess and all pre-teen girls everywhere).  The princess said she must be Team Switzerland, which the woman thought was very funny.

I saw the same woman in line again at the concession stand and she told me how much she liked the Royal sense of style.  Tonight The Princess was wearing one of her red softball t-shirts, plaid shorts, pink softball socks (that come up over her knees) and green Converse Chucks.  She was resplendent.  But I like that about her.  She is, and always has been her own person.

I think the Princess might have been the youngest audience member.  Apparently I was partially correct about the Justin Bieber concert. And for Twilight fans everywhere, well, you get what you paid for.  I think it is better than the first two.  Unfortunately that isn’t really saying much.  The pacing was better, the styling was better, and some of the acting was better, but there were still some problems.

  • Why has Charlie suddenly lost all his grey hair?
  • Why does Esme suddenly have black hair?
  • Jasper’s hair is much better than his old Ken-doll helmet head, but it still needs work, and he seems to have inexplicably developed a very heavy Texas drawl.  Interesting.  Also he talks like he has marbles in his mouth.
  • The new Victoria is fine, but I think the other Victoria was way more menacing.  The Princess said she was glad they changed actresses because if the old Victoria had been in this movie it would have scared her to death.
  • Jackson Rathbone (aka Jasper) still seems to be acting while constipated (sorry, you probably found that rude).

And a few more observations:

  • I still think Taylor Lautner is a better actor than Robert Pattinson, but Robert was better this time.
  • Kristin Stewart looked less corpse-like.
  • They are still styling Alice all wrong.  She is supposed to be quirky and fun and cute, and she always just looks frumpy and weird.
  • Kellan Lutz, the actor who plays Emmet is Adorable.  I hope he gets more work.

And that is my honest opinion.  So go, enjoy.  And remember:

Team Jacob baby, Team Jacob.


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