I have five new best friends.  Their names are Bala, Nemo, Sebastian, Lucky and Hastings.

We went swimming with Dolphins today.  In point of fact there isn’t much actual swimming with the dolphins.  It’s more like hanging out with the dolphins, but that is pretty cool.  And I gotta say, dolphins are pretty great to hang out with.

We got to hug them

That’s me with Nemo.  He was very friendly.

Lucky and Hastings used to live at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago.  I’m sure we must have seen them there.  Sarah and I called them our homies.

We also got a kiss from the dolphins (not at all yucky, despite what you might think), and a high five.  We also got to stroke their bellies and their heads.  They have surprisingly soft skin.  They are very sweet.  They are also huge, and when you hug them, they feel like solid muscle.

I had the best time.  I think this may be the coolest thing I have ever done.


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