The tooth fairy cometh

The C-man would like you to know he lost a tooth today.  Actually to use his words he had a tooth yanked from his mouth.

Yep, it was dentist appointment day today.  This is always a day fraught with anxiety for all of us, including the dentist I think.

The C-man had a permanent tooth coming in behind a baby tooth.  So the dentist very helpfully wiggled the baby tooth out, but the procedure was not without drama.  I will spare you the gory details, but there was crying, and blood, and the C-man really hates the sight of his own blood.

So we have been taking it easy today.  The C-man has been a real trooper since we got home, but his mother is wracked with guilt.  I hope the Tooth Fairy remembers to come tonight.  Sometimes she forgets.  Just another thing to feel guilty about.


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