The Canadian Grand Prix report

Taboo love

I was not cold today.  And it did not rain.  Do you know why?  Because I bought a sweatshirt, AND I had rain ponchos with me.  So, to all my fellow race-goers, you’re welcome.

It was hot today.  Indianapolis hot.  The kind of hot where you just sit there and sweat.  Mmm, attractive isn’t it?

I had Poutine for breakfast.

Nouvelle Cuisine

The good thing about having Poutine for breakfast is you are not hungry for lunch.

We decided to sleep in this morning and skip the support races.  We arrived at the track about an hour before the driver’s parade.  I love the driver’s parade.  All the F1 drivers sit on the back of vintage convertibles driven by very lucky individuals who (I assume) happen to own vintage convertibles and live nearby.  The car owners drive around the track and the drivers wave at all their adoring fans.  Some of them even take pictures.

The closest I got to Alonso all weekend

I waved very hard at Alonso and yelled his name really loud.  I still think he should marry me.  Never mind the fact that both of us are already married.  To other people.  Oh well.

It was a very good race.  My favorite part was when Fernando Alonso and that Lewis Hamilton were racing down the pit lane.  Alonso left his pits just a bit before Hamilton, and the McLaren team released Lewis right as Alonso was going by.  I suppose you could make an argument that McLaren did not safely release their driver and penalize them, but why bother?  So both cars are running side by side down the pits.  Yikes!  Technically you are not supposed to do this, but they did not get in trouble.  And Alonso came out ahead of Hamilton when they rejoined the track.  Yay!   It just about killed me, (I was screaming “be careful!” the whole time) but it was really, really cool.

I spent a lot of time yelling “Go!  Go!  Go!” at Alonso as his car went past and trying to ignore the cheering for Hamilton that was coming from my husband.  In the end Hamilton ended up winning, and Button (Hamilton’s teammate) was second.  But Alonso managed to come in third!  Hooray!  This is only the second time he has ever been on the podium at a race I have attended.  But the bad news is they did not show the post race interviews on the Jumbo-Trons.  Bastards.

After the race we climbed over a fence and through the Armco to walk on the track.  We walked around to the start/finish line, and then by the wall of champions (people always crash there) and then on to the hairpin.  I picked up some marbles and Tom found a piece of carbon fiber off one of the cars.  Unfortunately we don’t know whose car but it is still a pretty cool souvenir.  I got to sit down in Alonso’s starting place on the grid, and Tom took my picture, but he must have jiggled the camera because it’s all blurry, so that’s too bad.

Tomorrow we fly home.  And next year we get to do it all again.


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