Saturday – Qualifying

I was not skinny today.  It was bloody freezing outside when we got to the track and I sat, shivering through the first support race.  The weather made me nostalgic for the races in Indianapolis where it was so hot you broke a sweat just sitting still.  I lasted a whole 45 minutes, and then I had to buy a sweatshirt.  And, of course I had to put my Ferrari t-shirt on over the sweatshirt so people could see it, so I was not skinny, I was lumpy.  Think Michelin man in a red baseball cap.

I felt much better for the last F1 practice session before qualifying.  I was nice and warm.  And Alonso did pretty well in practice too.  I waved at him every time he went by.  I think that helped.

See how not skinny I am? Me and Nola from the F1 forum

After that practice session we went over “Zone Budweiser” to meet one of the guys from the F1 forum I like.  We found each other pretty easily for two people who have never met before and had a beer together.  Here is a picture of us.  It was fun.  Well, at least I thought so.

After our cocktails Tom and I had some poutine for lunch:

Poutine! Poutine! Poutine!

Poutine is my new favorite food.  It is French fries with gravy and cheese.  I think it is kind of like a walking taco, Montreal style.  Oh.  My.  God.  I could eat that every day.  And this was poutine we bought at the race track!  This probably wasn’t even good poutine.  I must have more.  Much more. Fortunately I will have the whole month of July to find the best poutine in the city.

The weather warmed up for qualifying.  Do you know why?  Because I bought a sweatshirt.  Everybody at the track should have been thanking me.  Qualifying in Formula 1 is kind of complicated.  There are three sessions.  The first session is 20 minutes long, and when it is over the bottom seven cars drop out and take the last seven places on the grid.  Then there is a 15 minute session where the remaining 17 cars go out again.  And when that session is over the bottom seven cars drop out again.  Now there are 14 cars out and the final ten cars go for pole in the final 10 minute session.  Did you get all that?  Good.

It is amazing how fast it all goes when you are watching it live.  On television sometimes the first two sessions seem a little boring.

Not much to report from the first session.  Michael Schumacher, who had been quick in all three practice sessions didn’t make it out of Q2, which was kind of a surprise.  And then that Lewis Hamilton got pole position.  I am kind of mad at him because he had last lap of the last qualifying session and before he posted his time Alonso was in third place.  That would have put him in the post-qualifying press conference.  I like that.  But no, Lewis had to go and bump him down to fourth place so no press conference for me.  Boo.

So tomorrow Lewis Hamilton will be on pole, with Mark Webber second in his Red Bull car and Sebastian Vettel third.  Alonso is fourth and after that I don’t really care.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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