The Canadian Grand Prix report – Friday

Breakfast of Champions

Ah, the sweet smell of racecar exhaust and burning rubber.  Somebody should find a way to bottle that smell.  I would totally buy it.

Yes, I am attending the Canadian Grand Prix live and in person, so I am writing this in Montreal.  Jealous?  You should be.

We got up early this morning and made our way to the track via the subway.  Really, there is no other way to get to the track.  I wore my red “Espana” t-shirt and Princess O’s Ferrari hat.  And pants of course.

Our seats are in Grandstand 33, which is by Turn 6 for those of you who know what I’m talking about.  And we are in row Q so we are way up toward the top of the grandstand.  I like that better.  You can see more and you don’t have to worry about flying debris in the event of a smash-up.

If today actually turns out to be the nicest day of the weekend I am in big trouble.  It was chilly, and it got colder and colder as the first practice session continued.  This was not in the program.  Once again those expensive and ugly sweatshirts are looking pretty attractive.  We shall see if I can resist.

And speaking of the first practice session, Lucas DiGrassi’s Virgin Racing car stopped right in front of us.  See:

DiGrassi stops on the track.

It seemed fine as it came around the corner, then it went ka-chung, ka-chung, ka-chung, ffft and just stopped.  The marshals managed to get it out of the way in a hurry, but his car sat there right where we could see it for the rest of the session.  That was pretty fun.  And Michael Schumacher made good use of the newly paved run off area several times during session one.  That was fun too.

I waved at Alonso every time he drove by.  I fear this is as close to him as I will get this weekend:


It had started to warm up by the second session.  The cars spent more time on the track in the second session, and Alonso finished in second place!  Of course it’s just practice, it doesn’t mean anything, but it makes me happy just the same.

Rubens Barichello overcooked Turn 6 in session 2 and nearly hit the tire wall right in front of us!


I bought a t-shirt.  I will wear it on Sunday.  It has Fernando Alonso’s name on it and a Ferrari logo.


2 thoughts on “The Canadian Grand Prix report – Friday

  1. You are right, I am jealous …. very jealous. Looks like you have chosen a great location to watch from and I agree about higher up. Not only is it safer, but I think you get a better view of the action.
    BTW those are fantastic pics. Did you take them with that little Canon you blogged about earlier? Very impressive. Hopefully it will stay dry for the race, not only for you but the drivers as well.
    A word of advice …. don’t drink too much Canadian beer. It is real beer, not like the soda pop you have in the states. It will hit you harder and make you want to drink only imported when you get home.

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