We’re here!

Here I am in beautiful Montreal.  We arrived this afternoon after a really amazing flight on my new favorite airline.  Porter Airlines to be precise.

First we flew from Midway, which I hate, to Toronto.  But not the big Toronto airport, Toronto City Airport, which I am assuming is the Midway of Toronto.  We had our doubts about whether or not this airline even existed, but we were pleasantly surprised.  Not only do they really exist, they feed you.  Yep that’s right, they feed you on the plane.  And they serve you your complimentary soft drink in a real glass.  A real glass!  Amazing.  We were already sold, but then at the lounge in Toronto they have free snacks!  I may have to start flying through Toronto for every trip just to fly this airline.

Anyway, we arrived on time, found our hotel and checked in without any issues.  They hadn’t lost our reservation or anything.  I always worry about that when we book through a certain online travel site whose name starts with Expedia because they have messed up our reservations before.  But not today.

Once we got settled in the room we took a walk around old Montreal.  This is the old part of town by the water.  It has cobbled streets, and a lot of old buildings.  It is very charming and picturesque.  We walked by the Hotel St. James, where a certain F1 team stays during the race weekends, and we had steak-frites for dinner.

Tomorrow is our first day at the track.  The first practice session starts at 10am.  I cannot wait!


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