At Starbucks with the C-Man

Today I have been busy crossing things off the list I made yesterday.  But yesterday I took some time out from my list-making to take the C-Man to Starbucks for coffee.  Well, I had coffee the C-Man had a brownie, and orange juice.

He was very talkative yesterday, here is a bit of what we talked about:

C:  Mom, do you know about James Bond

K:  A little bit

C:  Why does he always do his secret missions in a tuxedo?

K:  I don’t know

C:  He’s a secret agent.  He’s supposed to be a master of disguise, not a master of tuxedoes.

Later on he started laughing and told me:

I just can’t this picture out of my head.  You know when Archimedes discovered buoyancy mom?  I can’t help picturing a grown man, running naked down the street yelling Eureka!  Most people must have thought he was crazy.

And finally a book review:

I’m more than halfway through Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  It’s not my favorite and I will probably never read it again, but it’s a good read.

I really do wonder what it’s like on Planet C-Man.


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