To Do List

Here is a list of things I have to do, in no particular order, before we leave on Tuesday.

  3. Finish the laundry
  4. Put toiletries in tiny jars you are allowed to bring on planes
  5. Jam tiny jars into the allowable quart-size bag
  6. Put together packing list for the children
  7. Make sure the children actually pack the things on the list
  8. Pick up Kentucky Fried Chicken
  9. Pick up Princess O at the pool
  10. Have Princess O’s BFF here for a sleepover tonight
  11. Take BFF home
  12. Stop the papers and the mail
  13. Call the bank and credit cards to be sure they know we are in Canada next week
  14. Figure out what to wear on Wednesday night in Chicago
  15. Figure out what to wear on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights in Montreal
  16. Charge the iPods, Nintendo DS systems, and DVD players
  17. Pack the DVDs
  18. Put together the swimming bag and Princess O’s riding stuff for Michigan
  19. Try to find another battery for my camera
  20. Pack my camera, laptop, cellphone and all related chargers
  21. Pack camera cord for a change
  22. Pack my clothes
  23. Find Princess O’s Ferrari hat and pack that in my stuff
  24. Check the tire pressures on the car
  25. Gas up the car
  26. Take Princess O to riding tomorrow at 4
  27. Take Princess O to her softball game tomorrow at 6:45
  28. Clean the leftovers out of the refrigerator
  29. Put together a packing list for me.

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