Yesterday was supposed to be the last day of school.  But, thanks to a craptacular winter and a truckload of snow days, they still have one more week to go.

But never mind!  The new pool opened today right on schedule.  Well, right on the new schedule, it was supposed to open last July but it wasn’t ready yet.  So it opened today amid much fanfare and hoopla.

It is awesome.  First of all, it is only a 15-minute walk from our house, which is very convenient.  Second, it is only a 15-minute walk from our house.  Even if the pool itself wasn’t awesome, the convenience factor would be worth a lot.

It has a lazy river, three, no four water slides, a springboard and a diving platform in the dive tank.  It has a kiddie area with fountains and one of those giant buckets that tips over every few minutes to douse everybody underneath it.  It has tasty snacks in the concession stands and lots of deck chairs.

Unfortunately the concession stand sells Pepsi products instead of Coca-Cola products, but I am willing to overlook this one small lapse in judgment.  Also, they want $10 for a souvenir 32-ounce cup for the soda fountain.  Refills are $1 after you buy it, but that still seems kinda pricey to me.  Especially for Pepsi.

We were there for a couple hours today.  I rode the lazy river with the C-Man and had slushies from the snack bar with Tom.  I read a lot of my trashy romance novel.  I also learned a couple of things:

  • A lot of people in our town have a lot of interesting tattoos.  In interesting places.
  • Even though the deck does not seem that hot, don’t walk around barefoot or you will burn the bottoms of your feet.
  • Some people really should not wear Speedo racing trunks.

Tonight if the children stop being such weenies we will go to the Boone Speedway.  It’s Iowa’s Action Track.


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