Play Ball!

Princess O had a softball game tonight.  I thought you might like to see a few pictures.

Princess O in Left Field

There are two temperatures out at the sports fields:  Freezing Cold and Boiling Hot.  For our first few games we endured Freezing Cold, today we got Boiling Hot.  Tom was not best pleased but I thought it made a nice change.

Batter up!

If I am not mistaken Princess O never had an official at-bat in this game, she walked every time she came to the plate.  Her “just don’t swing” strategy is working brilliantly so far this season.

It's important to stretch between pitches

I think we won.  But I don’t know for sure.  There are light-up electronic scoreboards on the fields, but for some reason only the boys are allowed to use them.  I try not to let this make me angry.

The C-man finds softball uninteresting

Her next game is Wednesday. If it doesn’t rain.


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