The elusive Slip N Slide

The Children have been looking at the flyers that come in the Sunday paper.  This week one of the Big Box stores is using said flyer to tout backyard pools and the dreaded slip n slide.

I hate Slip N Slides, and The Children want one desperately.  Every summer we have a conversation that goes something like this:

Mom, can we get a slip n slide?




Mom look at this one, it has a pool on the end so you won’t just go shooting off into the yard.





Because I said no.

And we have that conversation about once a week all summer long.

Now I am sure that for most children Slip N Slides are perfectly safe.  But my children are not terribly coordinated and they have terrible luck. So to me a Slip N Slide looks a lot like a one-way ticket to the emergency room and this is not a chance I am willing to take.

I am the meanest mom ever.


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