A knight in shining armor

As promised, here is a picture of Princess O dressed up in her armor.  She made it out of cardboard and aluminum foil.  Once again I must bow down before her mad crafting skills.  And thank my lucky stars that she has chosen to use her powers for Good instead of Evil (at least so far).

She made this suit of armor for a school project.  They were studying medieval times and everybody had to do a big project.  She and her friend B decided they would do knights because that meant they did not have to wear dresses.

Finally, I have one other observation for you.  I had to take her to school because the armor was rather unwieldy, and there was just no way she was going to get it there on the bus.  As I was walking through the Middle School hallways I was astounded at the number of kids in her grade who are taller than I am.  It was kind of depressing.


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