Happy birthday to me

Yes today is my birthday.  This morning Princess O wished me a happy birthday, but she did not make me anything this year.  She was too busy creating a suit of armor for herself out of cardboard and tin foil.  But that’s a story for another post.  Instead she just said happy birthday, which was a very fine present.

The C-man launched himself at me when he came downstairs, gave me a killer hug and said “happy birthday birthday mommy”.  He proceeded to call me birthday mommy all morning.  This was nice, because he usually doesn’t call me mommy anymore.  He’s 10 years old now you see, and too big for that sort of thing.

Tom didn’t say anything because he is in Philadelphia.  Last year on my birthday he was in Germany, so he’s slowly getting closer.  May is conference season, what can you do? Give wifey her birthday present early, that’s what you can do.

So yes, Tom and the kiddos gave me my birthday present a couple days ago and it is SO AWESOME.  Here I am modeling it:

Ta da!  It’s a genuine Chicago Cubs home jersey.  (The C-man took these pictures for me by the way) But wait, there’s more:

It has Geovany Soto’s name and number on the back.  I love Geovany Soto!

I have talked about this before. I remember seeing him play for the I-Cubs in Des Moines and beating on my scorecard in a rage saying “what is he doing down here?  He should be in Chicago”.  I believe Michael Barrett was the Cubs catcher at the time, so you can understand my frustration. So now he is in Chicago, and now I have a Soto jersey.  I am wearing it today.  I will wear it a lot this summer, and I will absolutely wear it when I go to Wrigley Field to see the Cubs and Pirates in September.

In other birthday news, my cake is in the oven, I had McDonalds for lunch, and I am trying to decide where we will go for dinner tonight.  Because I am not cooking.  Well, except for the cake.


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