Odds and Ends

My new camera has arrived.  It is so awesome.  It rocks.  It’s so teeny.  I thought my old one was tiny but this makes that one look ginormous.  I suppose I should read the directions now.


I accidentally found out who won the latest season of Survivor before I watched the finale.  Oh well.  It saved me three hours.


Speaking of reality television.  While watching Dancing with the Stars last night Tom made the following comment:

I love you, but I don’t understand this show at all.  I’m sure ballroom dancing is difficult but so is snorting a piano up your nose with a straw.

Hmph.  It’s just supposed to be fun and silly.  There isn’t anything else to understand really.


Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer do the mambo in the semi-finals of Season 7:

I love that one.


I have found a new favorite gas station.  The Kum & Go (yes that’s really what it’s called) on 13th street.  It has the best soda fountain ever.  It has regular Diet Coke and Caffiene Free Diet Coke (in case one decides to get an extra large size).  And, this is the best part, it has:

Wait for it

The Good Ice.

Oh Kum & Go where have you been all my life?


One thought on “Odds and Ends

  1. Gotta agree with Tom on that one, although watching the girls in those outfits has far more appeal for me than any piano snorting, straw or otherwise. For me my life is reality enough, give me a good novel any day.

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