Launch Failure

My email was fubar’ed all morning.  It.  Was.  Horrible.  I got up, pulled the children out of bed and got them ready for school as usual.  I like to check my email between the time Princess O gets the bus for the middle school and the time I have to chauffeur the C-man over to the elementary school.

I fired up my trusty laptop, opened up the Internet and clicked on my email.  And what did I get?  I got an error message.  An error message that said “launch failure” with a big long number after it. Hmmm, interesting.  “Well”, I thought to myself, “I’m sure it will be working later”.

So I took the C-man to school, went to the gym, ran my errands and came home.  I even managed to get all the groceries put away before I checked my email again.  And it still wasn’t working.  What!?!  Are you kidding me?  It’s been ages, why isn’t this working yet?

I have no idea why not having email access was making me so squirmy.  It’s not like I get a lot of email.  Well, I mean I do, but most of it is just spam.  It’s not like I was expecting anything particularly important.  But I proceeded to check on it approximately every 10 minutes for the next several hours.

Cleary I have a problem.


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