Mother’s Day debrief

I hope all of you had a very Happy Mother’s Day.  I know I did.  You have already seen a picture of the roses Tom sent me, and heard the story of the children’s shopping expedition.  Now here is how the day went down:

First I got up at 6:15am (of my own free will), made some coffee and settled in to watch the Spanish Grand Prix.  You can expect my full race report tomorrow.  I know you are all dying to read it.

When Princess O got up she brought me a yogurt in the TV room.  Then she sat with me for a while and quizzed me on how Michael Schumacher was doing in the race.

Once the race was over they gave me their presents. And what presents they are.  Here is the C-man’s:

It is a flowerpot.  He told me he thought I could put the mint in it when I plant the kitchen garden.  This is a very sweet and thoughtful gift, and I can’t believe he remembered that I had said you can’t just plant mint in the ground, you have to put it in a pot.  If you do not, you will end up with a whole yard full of mint.

And here is Princess O’s gift:

An acid green laundry basket.  Awesome.  She told me she picked it out so I would have someplace to put all my knitting supplies in the TV room.  Here is a top down view.  Now you can see all my upstairs knitting stuff artfully arranged:

After the presents and bacon and eggs we went to the I-Cubs game.  I saw Ryne Sandberg!  Ryne Sandberg!  But he was far away, and I did not get anything signed, although we saw him standing by the Cubs dugout signing things.  Maybe next time.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone.

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