How Mother’s Day is shaping up

The children said to me, “mom, can you take us to Target and give us some money?  We want to buy you a Mother’s Day present.”  Well, how can a girl resist that?

Tom usually takes them shopping for Mother’s Day.  But since he is not here, the job fell to me.  So I took a deep breath, handed over some cash and turned them loose in the store.

Well, not entirely.  First we had a Family Meeting about it.  The children were informed that they were to stay together.  I made sure the Princess had her Royal Cell Phone with her, and I had mine.  I told the C-man that if he and his sister got separated for some reason, he should come find me in the snack bar and we would call Princess O and tell her where you were.

And it all went according to plan.  I called to check on them after 15 minutes, and she called to check in with me about seven minutes after that.  The C-man met me at the snack bar and distracted me by asking me to buy him a Hot Wheel car while the Princess made their purchases.  At least I assume that’s why he asked me to buy him a Hot Wheel car, because it would have been easy enough to just pay for that with their other items.

Yes, I bought the Hot Wheel, and paid for some little trinket the Princess wanted.  They paid me back when we got home.

Now my presents are hidden somewhere in the house.  I have no idea what they are, but I cannot wait to find out.  It could be anything.

Watch this space.


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