Oh. My. God.

I’m back from Chicago.  Did you miss me?  Did you even realize I was gone?

Well, as you know if you have been paying attention, I was in Chicago to help baby-sit my nephews while my sister and her husband went to Paris for the weekend.  Of course, that ended up not working out.  However, apparently their luggage went to Paris without them.  I hope their suitcase had a good time.  But never mind.  I digress.

Once they bailed on Paris they stayed the night in Chicago and then came back to their house.  We spent the day going to Little League games and then my brother in law took the whole lot of us out for dinner.  There were 11 of us altogether.

We went to New Rebozo in Oak Park.  I love New Rebozo!  It’s a Mexican restaurant, but good Mexican, not the Walking Taco kind of Mexican.  They also make a mean margarita, and my sister is very fond of their mojitos.

Sarah and I have been there before.  Paco, the owner and chef always comes out to tell you about the specials himself.  And after every special he says, “Oh.  My.  God”.  He also tends to get a little handsy with the female guests.  Touching their shoulders, putting a hand on their back, nothing major, but it is helpful to know about this going into dinner.

We cleverly seated all the men, well all the men except for Tom, against the back wall and put all the women right in Paco’s range. We ate tamales with mango salsa, fajitas, a mountain of chips with salsa and guacamole, some kind of scallops (well, I didn’t eat those), steak fajitas and the mole platter.  I highly recommend the mole platter.  It features six different kinds of mole sauce each on it’s own mini enchilada.  It’s like a party in your mouth, and everyone’s invited.

The kids ate tacos and quesadillas and pronounced them delicious.

The evening was not without incident however.  First the Rookie, after eating his body weight in chips and salsa decided he wanted to go home, before the appetizers even appeared.  That took some finessing.  Later the two older nephews launched one of their strawberry smoothies into the wall.  It made a very impressive pattern on the paint, but at least the glass didn’t break.  Later still my middle nephew dropped his ice cream on the floor.  I gave him some of mine.  Auntie Kathy to the rescue!

Paco was his usual handsy self.  It kind of freaked Princess O out. Her head would whip around every time he put his hand on her shoulder.  Poor Princess O, the things we make her put up with.  Maybe we should have warned her about Paco…


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