I am spending the weekend in Suburban Chicago helping my mom babysit my three nephews.  My sister is having an Important Birthday this weekend and her husband was going to take her to Paris. Except guess what?  Their flight was cancelled.  So now they will not be strolling the Champs Elysees.  Instead they will be doing something else still to be determined.

The Children and I drove in this morning.  And we all love a good road trip.  Do you know why?  Junk food baby!  First, for breakfast I let the children eat Pop Tarts and drink juice boxes in the car.  In the car!  This is very exciting for them because they never get to have Pop Tarts for breakfast.  Then there is McLunch, and an unlimited supply of fruit chews, and the ever popular road candy.

We have a new routine for road candy now.  I give them money and let them go into the gas station quik-shop to pick it out while I pump the gas.  It takes them a long time.  Sometimes I have to go in after them.  And today Princess O came out of the store to ask me something with a packet of M&Ms in her hot little hand.  A packet of M&Ms that she had not yet paid for.  Oops.  Luckily none of the clerks noticed, or if they did they had also noticed that she had been in and out of the shop about four times, coming out to the parking lot to ask me various strategic candy questions.  They probably just assumed she was coming back.  After all her brother was still in the store.

We also went to Portillos for dinner.  I love Portillos.  Italian Beef so good it will make you cry.  Mmmmm.  It was so yummy.  I had the six-inch sandwich with sweet peppers and extra gravy.  I did not get it dipped.  Chicagoans will know what I’m talking about.

I got to see my oldest nephew pitch in his Little League game tonight.  All three boys have games tomorrow.  Fortunately, two of them are on the same team.  Unfortunately the games are on opposite ends of town.  Fortunately, not at the same time.

It’s gonna be a big day tomorrow.  I will probably need some deep dish pizza to give me the strength to carry on.


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