Communication has been restored

I had to buy The Princess and I new cell phones this week.  Mine had to be replaced because my old one had died a slow and annoying death.  Princess O lost hers.  I know, I know, shocking behavior.

I got her another one just like it and transferred her account  so the story has a happy ending.  I realize that according to her contract she should have ponied up for half of the phone, but I cut her some slack. Why?  I’ll tell you, because it’s possible that I lost it.  I had been borrowing it while my phone was on the decline.

Now my situation was slightly more complicated, because I was not just changing phones, I was also changing providers.  Tom told me yet again the other night that I should get an iPhone, but I did not.  I do not need an iPhone and despite a severe case of gadget lust I did not get one.  Yay me.

I needed to change providers so I would have a phone that works in Canada.  We will be there for a month this summer, and also for the Canadian Grand Prix this June and every June for the next three or four years.  And how am I supposed to call up Fernando Alonso at the Canadian Grand Prix if my cell phone doesn’t work in Canada?  Of course, not having his phone number might be a bigger obstacle there.  But never mind.  I digress.

So after I had settled on a provider I was looking at the available phones.  And this particular provider has a phone called the Motorola Renew.  It is allegedly environmentally friendly, made of recyclable plastic and carbon neutral somehow.  And I thought to myself, I should get this one.  But I hated it.  First of all it wasn’t a flip phone, and I like flip phones, and it didn’t have a camera and it was kind of small and I just didn’t like it.  Here it is, see what you think:

So I chose a different phone instead.  A flip phone, with a camera. This probably makes me a terrible person.  Global warming is now all my fault, just because I wanted a flip phone.

The C-Man still does not have a phone, and he would like all of you to know that he finds this grossly unfair.


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