A 10 year-old’s perspective on Dracula

The C-Man recently tried to read Dracula.  I had forgotten about that.  For some reason it came up tonight at dinner.  Here is his review:

Dracula is an old-school scary vampire.  Not like those Twilight vampires.  Dracula has a cape to protect himself in an attack.  The Twilight vampires are just worried their hair will get messed up.

Do you know why I stopped reading Dracula mom?  That scene where the guy walked in a room and those women attacked him.  It freaked my guts out.

Dracula is smart mom.  In Batman and Robin vs. Dracula he changed his name to Alucard.  Pretty clever huh?

Do you know the best way to kill a vampire?  Take some garlic, put a stake through it, light it on fire and throw it at him.

I love this kid.


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