And so it begins

Softball season is almost upon us.  The first games are not until May 8, but practice starts this week.  No, practice actually started last week, but due to an email glitch we never got the memo, so for Princess O practice starts this week.  And now our schedule looks like this:

  • Sunday:  Scouts
  • Monday:  Softball practice and I think the C-Man has an orchestra rehearsal but I don’t know for sure
  • Tuesday:  Riding lesson
  • Wednesday:  Softball practice
  • Thursday or Saturday:  Softball practice
  • Friday:  Nothing (yippee)
  • Saturday or Thursday:  Softball practice

We have entered the time of year where dinner isn’t so much a nice family meal as it is something to squeeze into the day.  And homework?  You can do it on the bus.  (I’m KIDDING, don’t get so worked up).

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love baseball season and I hate baseball season.  Part of me is just glad the C-man opted to sit this year out.  I’m just not sure how we would have squeezed another set of practices into every week.  At least not without a prescription for Xanax.


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