Swimming etiquette breached

My father in law will be horrified.

I was a bad, bad person at the pool on Friday.   When I got there, all four lanes were full.  And, of course, everybody was pretending they couldn’t see me so they wouldn’t have to share their lane.  I don’t know why but for some reason at this particular pool you can’t just join a lane, you have to wait to be invited.  I don’t know why.  But, whatever, it is what it is, and it’s not worth rocking the boat.

So I sat in one of the deck chairs and waited.  A few minutes later another woman came into the pool area.  The woman in the far lane finished, and before I could stand up the newcomer jumped the queue and took the lane that should rightfully have been mine.  Bitch.  But, I am not a big fan of conflict so I just sat there feeling murderous.

Happily a minute later, the guy in the next lane over finished and I took his lane.  Not my favorite lane, but beggars can’t be choosers.  So I get in the pool, do my warm-up laps and start swimming.

I was having a good swim, thinking, swimming, thinking, swimming.  I was in the groove.  And then, the pool walkers showed up.

Now I do not begrudge the pool walkers their right to be in the pool.  Of course they have the right to use the pool.  My beef with the pool walkers is that they will walk one person to a lane and take up all the lanes, and then there is nowhere to swim.  And they never ever offer to share.  It really frosts me.

So this is where I did the bad thing.  I pretended I couldn’t see them.  I just kept swimming and turning and swimming and turning and not making eye contact.  Hah.  Let them see how it feels.

Of course the downside of this was that I couldn’t stop to rest or get a drink.  I will have to remember to put my water bottle and kickboard on the far side of the pool from now on, just in case I feel the need to behave badly again.

I know it was petty and mean-spirited, and I am not terribly proud of myself, but sometimes you just have to do that kind of thing.


One thought on “Swimming etiquette breached

  1. What’s a pool walker? Is it one of those people who go in up to their neck and then sort of run on the spot for a bit? That’s not what lanes are for! You can – and should – do that in the un-laned part of the pool!

    I’d continue with you’re “Oh, I didn’t see you – sorry (not!)” approach…

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