The Malaysian Grand Prix report

I like this track.  I really do.  And I don’t know why, it always rains here.  I hate when it rains during the race.  It makes me nervous.  (I have probably already said that).  But, this year it didn’t rain during the race.  No, instead it poured buckets during qualifying.  This is not any better.

Because of the rain and some bad decision-making in the Ferrari garage, Alonso ended up qualifying 19th.  Hideous.  But Ferrari wasn’t the only team that messed up.  Lewis Hamilton was right behind Alonso in P20 and Massa was right behind him in the second Ferrari, in P21.  Hamilton’s teammate, Jenson Button fared somewhat better, and managed to qualify 17th.   It was a Bad Situation for Ferrari and McLaren fans.

Meanwhile Mark Webber was on pole for Red Bull, with Williams’ Nico Rosberg in second and the snakebit Sebastian Vettel in third.

Vettel managed to pass Webber in the first corner and he never really looked back.  The big battles in this race were happening much further down the grid.  Massa passed Alonso at the start.  What the-?  Ah but we soon found out what the trouble was.  Alonso had a broken gearbox.  But would he let a little thing like that stop him?  No!  And do you know why?  Because Alonso is the man, that’s why.

Alonso gets by Button on the second lap!  Now he’s after Massa!  Meanwhile as the race goes on Hamilton is picking off drivers left and right in a truly impressive showing.  He was carving through the field like it was made of butter.  Meanwhile Masssa was stuck behind Jaime Alguersuari’s STR.  And of course, Alonso with his hobbled gearbox was stuck behind Massa.  Very distressing.

The race was actually very exciting.  This is what happens when you have top guys starting in the back for some reason.  Unfortunately it ended badly for Alonso when his engine went kablammo on lap 55 of 56.  Does that suck or what?  I kind of lost interest at that point.

The good news is Vettel finally managed to not only finish the race, but win it.  Mark Webber was second, and Nico Rosberg was third.  Yay Nico!

Hamilton probably had the drive of the race clawing his way up to sixth place.   Alonso technically finished 13th even though his engine blew up and Massa finished seventh.   But you have to sit in quiet awe at Alonso’s mad driving skills.  How many guys could have set the fastest lap of the race with a busted gearbox?  Not many, that’s for sure.

As always, please consult a reputable Formula 1 site for accurate and less Alonso-centric information.


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