Blogging the birthday party

12:30 – As you know, the C-man turned 10 on Thursday.  Today he is having a birthday party.  In fact, he is having a birthday party right now.  I will be blogging through the party as a coping mechanism.

He invited four boys to his party, three of them RSVP’ed and have already arrived.  They are all upstairs with the C-man being loud.  The fourth boy did not RSVP and so I suspect he is not coming.  Not RSVPing to a party really annoys me, but what can you do?

In approximately 25 minutes, a pizza will arrive from Papa Johns’s.  And then we will get this party started.  There will be pizza, and there will be carrots and dip.  Why?  Because it makes me feel less guilty about all that cake and ice cream that’s why.

And now I have to go put the carrots and dip in bowls so it’s all fancy.  More later.

12:42 – they are playing war.  Do boys this age know any other games?

12:45 – the pizza is here

1:25 – lunch is over.  There was some very spirited discussion regarding the relative merits of hydrogen bombs verses nuclear bombs, and what kind of facilities you would need to build them.  I also picked up this bit of debate

C-man:  if Swamp Fire and Big Chill got in a fight, who do you think would win?

M:  I don’t know

R:  I don’t know either

C:  Big Chill

C-man:  No.  Swamp fire would win because he can breathe fire

C:  But Big Chill can turn invisible

They ate almost all the pizza.  I was afraid there wouldn’t be any left for me.

They did not eat any carrots. There’s a shock.  But at least I know I offered a healthy side dish.  I’m sure their moms would appreciate it.

Now they are playing in the basement.  There will be cake and ice cream – Blue Bunny brand ice cream – later.  People who know the C-man well will understand the significance of Blue Bunny ice cream.

1:30 – one hour down, one hour to go.

2:03 – Cake and ice cream have been served.  I had to use the thing for lighting the grill because we don’t have any normal matches.  Everybody sang happy birthday and the birthday boy took six tries to blow out all his candles.  According to M this means he gets six wishes.  I like the way that kid thinks.

Presents are of course the big highlight of any party.  And of course it is the even that takes the least amount of time.  C-man got some awesome Legos and a nerf machine gun.  Holy moly.  Princess O will be in fear for her very life.  Well, at least until the C-man loses all the darts.  That should take at least 20 minutes.

27 minutes to go.  The children still seem to be at war.  I had no idea birthday parties could be so dangerous.

2:21 – overheard conversation:

M:  C-man, you and R distract Them, I will disable the lights with my technician skills, then we will plant the charges and run for it.

C-man:  We will distract them by firing blanks

C:  Don’t fire blanks, fire real bullets.

Oh my.

2:26 – More overheard conversation

C-man:  Japan is our base

M:  but we’re not Japanese!

2:30 – the parents have arrived and the party is over.  I think they managed to save the world before they had to go home.

My head is killing me.


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    Is there an email where I may contact you at? Believe me I am no ‘spammer’, ‘hacker’, or ‘creep’. I love the blog entries and have a quick question for you!

    please feel free to contact me back at

    thank you!

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