Happy Birthday C-Man

When I asked the C-man what he wanted me to say about him for his birthday he told me, “just say today is C-man’s birthday and happy birthday and that is all.”  Then he made an angry face.

The children hate it when I talk about them here.  But unfortunately for them they are my best source of material.  And since I can’t possibly let something as momentous as my baby’s 10th birthday go without some sort of comment here are some Odds and Ends, C-man style:

Last night when he went to bed he said “goodnight mom, I’ll see you when I’m 10”


We went to Happy Joe’s for dinner.  It’s kind of a smaller version of Chuck E. Cheese.    C-man got some kind of keychain with dice on it.  In the car coming home I heard him say to the Princess, “Do you like my keychain?  I think it symbolizes my love of games”.  We almost drove off the road laughing.


He is obsessed with Legos and the Percy Jackson books.  If only they made Percy Jackson Legos.


Happy birtday C-man.

And that is all.


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