A tale of woe

I am having low self esteem today.  I had to go swimsuit shopping.  Oh the horror.

And it wasn’t even the really awful kind of swimsuit shopping.  I was not searching for the perfect “sitting by the side of the pool looking cute” swimsuit.  You know, that suit that never actually gets wet.

No, I was just looking for a plain old practice suit for swimming at the gym.  A lap suit does not need to look cute.  In fact, I think this may be impossible.  Nobody looks cute in those things.  You just want it to fit.  Everything else is secondary.

But no matter what kind of swimsuit you are buying you have to try them on.  And I am definitely not looking my swimsuit best.  It is March.  I have not even seen the sun since about Halloween.  I am so pale it is frightening.  And I am not even the good kind of sparkly vampire pale, I am just pasty.  And pasty is never a good look.  And the fluorescent lights in the sporting good stores changing rooms are not terribly flattering.  It was a bad situation.

Next time I will know better.  I have written down the brand name and size of my new suit.  So when this one falls apart I can just go online and order a new one, and save myself a lot of self-doubt.

*Tom says he thinks I look very cute.  But he has to say that doesn’t he?


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