Eat at Ed’s (or not)

Last night we took the children to Ed Debevic’s for dinner.  Chicagoans will know what that means.  Ed Debevic’s is an old-school “retro” diner serving diner food.  The food is good but the thing that makes Ed’s so special is the service.  The waiters are deliberately rude.  They make fun of you, they throw your napkins at you and they dance on the counter occasionally.  It’s really hilarious.

As we were walking to the restaurant I warned the children about how the evening was likely to go. Tom was kind of disappointed that I had spilled the beans, but really, you people know the C-man.  You know that would not have gone well.

The restaurant did not disappoint.  Our waitress was hilarious.  She threw paper hats at us and made us wear them all the way through dinner.  She called the C-man a baby (because he was the smallest) and a dork.  She made fun of Tom and called me a crappy customer.  She referred to the Princess as Princess all night but in a sarcastic way.  Princess O loved it.

We could see the wheels turning in Princess O’s head as she sat there.  I know she was thinking that being paid to be surly and rude sounded like a pretty good deal.  She excels at surly and rude.  I suspect the waitress knew she had met her match with our Princess so she generally gave her a wide berth.  It was the rest of us that took the heat.

The C-man on the other hand was horrified.  She made him repeat his order three times and told him to smile more.  And then she called him names.  The C-man does not take kindly to this kind of thing.  He expects his waitress to be polite and respectful and to respond to his killer smile.  This may be the first time he has ever batted those baby blues at a waitress and not had her eating out of the palm of his hand.  And she called him a baby.  A baby!  Completely unacceptable.  He said the food was good but that he hoped we would never make him go there again.


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