Spring Break continues

Today we went to the Musuem of Science and Industry.  It is the children’s favorite.  We saw a lot of great stuff.  We saw stairs, and the baby chicks and stairs and the coal mine and stairs and the train exhibit.  Wow that museum has a lot of stairs.

The coal mine was especially interesting for me.  I had never been in it before.  I remember going to the museum as a child and my mom refusing to take us in it.  I suspect it had traumatized her as a child.  Poor mom.  And mom if I’m wrong about that I apologize.

We ate peanut butter sandwiches in the food court.  Do you want to know why?  Because the food court in the Museum of Science and Industry is crazy expensive.  Nobody eats there.  Or perhaps I should say nobody eats there twice.

Of course the following is always the highlight of the trip for the children.  The production quality here is not the best, and you really should go see it for yourself.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I now present the Jolly Ball:


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