My husband the enabler

My cell phone is dying a slow death.  I don’t know what’s wrong with it.  The battery won’t hold a charge for more than about 24 hours now even if I don’t use it at all.  Since it’s much less expensive to replace a phone than it is to replace a battery, I smell a new phone in my future.  And really, what does that fact say about our universe?

So since I need a new phone I mentioned to Tom that I was thinking of switching providers to one that offers GMS phones that work in Canada.  We will be in Canada quite a bit this summer, and now that the Canadian Grand Prix is on again (woo hoo!) we will be there for one weekend every summer for the foreseeable future.

I currently have a bottom-of-the-line phone and a prepaid calling plan because I don’t use my phone that much.  When I mentioned my quest for a new phone to Tom he just so happened to mention that the iPhone has become quite reasonably priced.  Dammit.  I covet the iPhone.  I have had my eye on that baby since they first came out.  But I do not need an iPhone.  I am going to say it again to remind myself:  I do not need an iPhone, I do not need an iPhone, I do not need an iPhone.  But now that Tom has planted that seed in my head I know it’s only a matter of time.  I hate that I am such a gadget junkie.

After we had this conversation I suspected he might have an ulterior motive.  Initially I thought he was offering me an iPhone because he wants an iPad.  But I was wrong.  It turns out that he wants and Iphone and apparently there is some kind of special deal on a pair of iPhones right now.  Ah Hah!  Busted.

But I do not need an iPhone.  I just need to keep reminding myself.


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