Well so much for that then

It looks like USF1 has officially tanked.  According to this article on GP Update they have closed their factory.  I especially like this part:

It is believed that neither of the team’s two leading figures were present as the announcement was made to staff, with no statement having been released either.

Oh and by the way those leading figures are Peter Windsor and Ken Anderson.  Wow.  What a couple of lowlifes.  Classy.

I am really so angry about this and I have no real idea why.  I feel like this has been a shell game from the beginning.  I don’t think they initially set out to defraud anyone, but they did.

Peter Windsor and Ken Anderson came out with guns blazing a year ago throwing around names like Danica Patrick and swearing they would be ready for the 2010 season.  I suspect it was all smoke and mirrors  to convince the FIA to give them a spot on the grid.  And I fell for it.  Maybe that’s why I’m so mad.  Maybe I’m just pissed at myself because I let them fool me.

I really wanted this team to succeed.  And by succeed I mean I wanted them to make the grid.  I knew the car would be as slow as mud.    But no.  We get nothing.  No, wait, I’m wrong we don’t get nothing, we get another black eye on American efforts in F1.  How many American sponsors have they scared away?  How many bridges have they burned for any American start up team that might try to follow them?

The show’s over folks.  Thanks for nothing guys.


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