What would you do with a million dollars?

The children have been watching Survivor Heroes vs. Villains with me.  I’m sure that qualifies me for some kind of mother of the year prize. And I really must stop referring to James as “Hot James” in front of the children.

But I digress.  After watching the latest episode we got to talking about what we would do with a million dollars:


I would buy 20 teleporters and then I would put one in the house I would buy which would be a mansion and I would put the others in places I like.  Then I could just jump in my teleporter and go to Rome for just one night.  Oh, and then if I had any money left I would get a joy buzzer.  But a really good one, not one of those junky ones.

Princess O

I would buy a horse and I would name it Mr. Pony.  Then I would build a pasture and I would keep my horse there and also rescue animals like racehorses and greyhounds and dogs from dogfights.  And all the animals could live there with my horse while they were waiting for people to adopt them.


If I was prohibited from doing practical things like paying off the mortgage or putting the money away for college and/or the orthodontist I would go to Formula 1 races until the money ran out.  Or I could try to finesse my way to the top of the Cubs season ticket list.  Either would work for me.


2 thoughts on “What would you do with a million dollars?

  1. I see that O likes to name things the same way Luge does. Although he recently informed me that Ruff ruff had died.

    • Oh that’s very sad. My condolences on Ruff ruff’s passing. I’m sure he could adopt one of O’s many imaginary rescue animals if he needs a new pet. 😉

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