I want this

Look at it:

It’s a soda fountain.  A soda fountain you can put in your kitchen.  Do you have any idea what this means?  It means no more trips to the Kum & Go to get a fountain Diet.  It means I could drink as much fountain Diet Coke as I want in the privacy of my own home!  And believe me, that’s a lot of Diet Coke.  Think of the money we would save!

I think we need one.  Maybe we need two.  Obviously we need one for the kitchen and maybe we could put one in the bedroom too.

This is the best idea ever.


One thought on “I want this

  1. Hate to be a downer, but did you see the recent study on increased risk of pancreatic cancer and drinking soda? I’m a fountain Coke person but have been rethinking that lately.

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