The best birthday present ever

My middle nephew is having a birthday next week.  He will be eight years old.  His first name, coincidentally, is O just like a certain princess we all know and love.  However any and all similarities end there.

So, O is having a birthday.  And I sent him a very awesome present.  But before I can tell you about it, I have to give you some back-story.

O loves Goldfish crackers.  He loves them more than any other food.  In fact, he loves them so much that after school he would eat them by the double handful and then not eat his dinner because he wasn’t hungry.  So my sister declared a Goldfish moratorium.  She has stopped buying them.  As you can imagine this has caused O a certain amount of anguish.  He asks her frequently “when are you going to buy Goldfish again?”

Well, O the cavalry is about to arrive!  In your birthday package you will find two Bakugan toys and one giant 33-ounce milk-carton shaped package of Goldfish.

Don’t worry, I cleared this with my sister first and she said it was fine with her.

This is going to be the Best Birthday Present Everrrr


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