Let the Games begin

The Winter Olympics start tonight.  We may be going out so I am trying to decide if I should TiVo the opening ceremonies so I can watch them when we get home.  I like the part where all the athletes walk in; I wouldn’t want to miss that.

I love the Olympics, and I like the winter games better than the summer games.  I don’t know why, maybe because it feels smaller and more intimate.  Maybe because there are no track and field events.  I am not a big fan of the track and field events.  I know my husband will disagree, but there you have it.

Both the winter and the summer games make me weep.  All that passion, all that glory, all those tearjerker commercials.  They get me every time.

How can anybody stand it?  But I digress.

My brother blogged about the Olympics today too.  He wrote about the nasty underbelly of the Olympics. Things like the fact that the Canadian IOC has apparently trademarked a phrase from the Canadian National Anthem.  And according the link he helpfully provided to Boing-Boing, the IOC has also trademarked the word “winter” and the number “2010” no doubt in an effort to keep small businesses like neighborhood bars and restaurants from putting up banners that say things like “watch the Winter Games here”.  Because we wouldn’t want anybody who has not paid the IOC their pound of flesh to associate with the games at all in any way.  It doesn’t seem very sporting.  And aren’t the Olympics supposed to be about sportsmanship?  Just asking.

I will watch anyway, and I will probably see some really great stuff assuming NBC hasn’t edited all the really cool stuff out so they can show more heartwarming biographical information about the athletes.  It would seem in this day and age of satellite and digital television and the whole wide Internet that there is enough bandwidth and frequency space out there to show everything live and/or on demand. Oh well, maybe next time.


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