A rant

I went swimming today at the gym.  I like swimming at the gym.  They keep the pool water nice and warm and the room itself is almost hot.  It almost makes you forget there’s a gazillion inches of snow on the ground.

Anyway, lately it has been difficult to get a lane at the pool.  There are four lanes and often there are people walking in two or three of them, leaving the people who are actually swimming with very few options.  Now, I am not disparaging people who walk in the pool, they have every right to do that.  However, I think they could probably all walk in one lane, and keep the other lanes open for swimmers, since you can have more walkers than swimmers in one lane.

I thought I had discovered a solution to this problem.  I decided I would show up at the pool right as the aqua aerobics class was ending, thus increasing my odds of snagging a lane.  And it has been working like a charm.  Except today.

When the class ended today three of the four lanes were already claimed.  Alright, no problem I will just use this lane here closest to the steps.  I get in and wait for the crowd to disperse.  It does, except for three women who decide to stand in the lane and chat.  I stood at the end of the lane getting my goggles on.  I made eye contact with them and still they stood there chatting.  So finally I just started swimming figuring they would get the hint.  No.  They stood there in the middle of the lane for 15 minutes chatting while I swam around them.  And then they had the nerve to give me the hairy eyeball.  I wanted to say, “only one of us is using this lane for it’s intended purpose and it ain’t you, so get out of the lane!”

I know people like to chat after class.  I do it.  But in this case I just think assuming you can have a lane to yourselves while you talk about heaven knows what is spectacularly rude, especially if someone else is actually trying to swim.  If you want to talk, either sit on the steps where you will be out of my way, or go sit in the sauna.  Frankly that sounds like a better idea anyway.

I’m sorry but the whole thing just made me mad, and threw off my swimming groove.  I hate when that happens.

I really think they need to post some kind of lane etiquette rules.  Perhaps I need to send a strongly worded email.


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