Pinewood Derby 2010

Today was Pinewood Derby day.  I suspect it may be the C-man’s last pinewood derby because he seems to be losing interest in Scouts, but that’s a story for another day.

The story for today is the unveiling of the C-man’s latest creation.  And so here it is:

The Car

Side view of cool skull detail

Car and Driver

This year he did the shaping while we were in Michigan over Christmas.  My dad has an awesome set of tools, including many woodworking devices capable of easily shaping a pinewood derby car or removing an appendage.  Happily we managed to avoid that particular feature of dad’s workroom.

Then he spray-painted it in the College of Design spray-paint room last weekend with Tom.  Last night he and I put on the stickers and the wheels.  As you can tell, it was a real collaborative effort.

We are very good at making cars that look really cool.  Unfortunately, we are not good at making cars that go fast.  The C-man came in third in two heats and fourth in all the others.  And FYI only four cars race in a heat.  Oh well, he had a good time, drank some Doctor Pepper and ate a donut.  And isn’t that what pinewood derby day is really all about?


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