Order up!

I made pizza for dinner tonight.  I almost always make pizza instead of ordering it.  Not because I have a problem with the nutritional value (or lack thereof) in takeout pizza, and not because we don’t have good pizza around here, because we do.  No, the reason I usually make pizza is because if I say to The Children “let’s order pizza” one child will request Pizza Shop A and the other will immediately announce that they hate Pizza Shop A and can we please order from Pizza Shop B instead.  This, of course, is a trap.

Now we cannot get pizza from either establishment because if I select either Shop A or Shop B I am choosing sides and we can’t have that.  This forces me to choose a random wildcard pizza joint that neither child has mentioned.  Tonight I had a brief thought that we should have had a third child to act as a tie-breaker.   However, with my luck that kid would request a third pizza shop and then I would still have to find a neutral pizza party to order from, but I would have fewer to choose from.

If you are wondering if we really have that many pizza places the answer is yes.  We live in a college town.

So I make my own pizza.  It saves a lot of arguments, and this way everybody gets their very own pizza made to their exacting specifications.

Princess O asked for a regular amount of sauce, extra cheese and pepperoni, with the pepperoni on top of the cheese (that part is very important).

The C-man likes extra sauce, a lot of cheese and three pepperoni slices.  Why three?  You will have to ask him, I have no idea.

Tom and I usually share a pizza and our toppings vary depending on what is in the refrigerator.  Today I had the pizza all to myself since Tom is in Chicago and can have real pizza whenever he wants.  I had Italian sausage, roasted red peppers and black olives.  And sauce and cheese of course.


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