How to catch a horse named Casino

When The Princess goes to her riding lesson, the first thing she has to do is go out to the pasture and collect the horse she is supposed to ride.  This is more difficult than you might think.  Today she was riding Casino and the horse collection process goes something like this

  • Walk to the pasture, call “Casino” over and over again and make kissy noises to get his attention
  • Casino will look at you with disdain bordering on loathing.  And Casino looooves Princess O.  Imagine what he’s like for a rider is doesn’t like.
  • Collect Casino’s halter from the pegs and open the gate.  Be careful!  The fence is electric.
  • Enter the pasture.  Mind the horse apples.
  • Walk up to Casino.  Watch him walk away from you.
  • Offer Casino a treat.  He  likes apples and carrots.  And in the last couple of weeks we have discovered that he loves peppermint.  Apparently all horses love peppermint.  Did you know that?  Casino really really loves it, it is like horsey heroin to him.
  • Put the halter on Casino quickly while he is eating part of the treat you brought him.
  • Spend the next 20 minutes putting on Casino’s saddle and bridle while trying to prevent him from extracting the rest of the candy cane from your pocket with his nose.
  • Wipe the slobber from your coat.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Enjoy your lesson!

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