Bad mommy moment #4,743

Yesterday afternoon I was reading the email newsletter from the fourth grade teachers, as I do every Friday afternoon.  Or at least I thought I read the email newsletter every Friday.  In yesterday’s missive I read this sentence “Pajama day was a huge success today.”  Pajama day?  They had pajama day today?  How did I not know about this?  The C-man went to school in his usual outfit, track pants and a long sleeve t-shirt.  Oops.  I felt awful.

Last night at bedtime I approached the C-man with some trepidation and asked if it had been pajama day today.  “Yes” was his succinct reply.  I asked why he didn’t wear his jammies to school.  He laced his fingers behind his head and said “I didn’t want to mom, I just didn’t see the point”.

Well alrighty then.


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