I fired the cleaners last week.  I’m not sure I mentioned that but I did.  They were doing a fine job and all that, but they were raising their rates beyond what I was willing to pay to have somebody else clean my house so there you have it.

Yesterday I cleaned my house by myself, and now I am so mad I didn’t fire them sooner.  I do a much better job.

The cleaners would have two people here for two hours, so they would charge me for 4 hours of work.  Okay, that’s fair.  Well, I did the entire house (minus the children’s room because I forgot to have tidy up) in just over 2 hours by myself.   AND I dusted all the woodwork, even the tops of the doors.  Judging by the state of the Swiffer Duster, that had not been done for quite some time.  I even used a real mop on the floors instead of just the Swiffer wet pads.  (I’m a big fan of Swiffer, can you tell?)

I am feeling very pleased with myself now.  The only downside I see to this right now is the loss of the Reveal.  You know, that moment when you walk in after the cleaners have been there and everything is all clean and sparkly and you were just out getting a haircut or something and had absolutely nothing to do with it.  I will definitely miss that.

And the whole cleaning extravaganza did remind me how much I hate our vacuum cleaner.  We might need to replace it.  But with what?  I’m not spending hundreds of dollars on a Dyson, I’m just not.  So, what to do, what to do?


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