Little wooden Twilight people

B the Wonder Sitter was here last night.  We love B the Wonder Sitter.  In fact, even though she was just here the C-Man suggested today that I should take a personal day and have her come over again tonight.  It’s so nice to be loved.

Whenever B the Wonder Sitter comes over she brings Projects, paints, or a movie to watch, or something like that.  It’s great.  Last night she brought paints and little wooden people.  The people are reminiscent of the old-school Fisher Price little people, the kind that are choking hazards.

Each child got to paint three people.  Princess O went with a Twilight theme.  I know the photos aren’t great but bear with me.

Here is Edward.

Sadly, B the Wonder Sitter did not have any glitter paint, so Edward does not sparkle like a princess’s tiara, but he is very, very pale as all good vampires should be.

This is Bella.

She is wearing a dress because The Princess did not feel like painting a shirt and pants.

I have saved the best for last.  This is Jacob (sorry, I know he’s a little blurry).

I assume this is Jacob after he has started turning into a werewolf.  Note the abs and pecs.

Wow.  Just wow.


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