Another odd conversation

The children were playing in Princess O’s room on Friday.  Their stuffed animals were having a playdate.  I know this is a little odd, but it happens all the time around here.

Anyway, the C-man’s bear, BoBo was playing with Princess O’s big American Girl scale plastic horse.  The horse’s name is Michelangelo.  And how many other 11 year-olds to you know that have a giant plastic horse named Michelangelo.  Yeah, neither do I.

BoBo was apparently trying to give Michelangelo some kind of pretend food.  I don’t know exactly what was happening because I was in the other room.  All I know is what I heard, and what I heard was, “No BoBo you know he’s lactose intolerant.”  What the-?

Just another communication from Bizarro-land.


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