I think my sister and I need to get more sleep

My sister and I were chatting on Facebook last night.  Here is part of our conversation.  Just before this particular riff we had been discussing our desire for chips and cookies, and cookies with bacon in them (thanks Diana!).  Then we were wondering if you could make cookies with chips in them.  Then we were discussing selling these at the Iowa State Fair and how we would sit there printing money while indulging in our favorite beverage (hint- it’s Diet Coke).

My sister’s comments are in green, mine are in red.  Now we will join our story already in progress.

While drinking a fountain Diet

And knitting and watching HGTV

House Hunters International

Hopefully in Europe

At some magical Italian town with villas we can actually afford

They only cost one dollar and they all come with cabana boys

And chefs

Of course and chefs. Also maids and lauderesses

And of course they all speak english but we magically also speak fluent italian

And housekeepers and people who do our exercises for us and they magically we lose weight

Of course

Right next to George Clooney, who falls in love with both of us, but lets you go so Brad Pitt can sweep you off your feet

I love this place. Let’s go right now

I’m looking at flights

Yes yes yes we must fly first class. And that only costs a dollar too.

No, it’s free with the purchase of any super big gulp

With a side of chips

And cookies

And cookies with chips and bacon in them

We wrapped that up nicely.


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