We are supposed to be in Chicago right now, enjoying Christmas in the city.  But we are in Michigan instead.  Why?  I’ll tell you why.  The weathermen have been predicting snow, rain, freezing rain, sleet and rabid monkeys.

So, I panicked and decided we should race up here.

Tom and my dad left on Sunday to take Tom and his stuff to Chicago.  He is on sabbatical next semester, so he will be living the high life in Chicago researching his book.*  Dad was helpfully shanghai’ed into helping move his stuff in his awesome cargo van.  I didn’t want to pull the kids out of school again, so the three of us will stay where we are eating pancakes and letting the newspapers pile up.

Anyway,  when Tom and Dad left it was snowing.  A lot.  This was a surprise because it wasn’t supposed to snow.  About 20 minutes after Tom left, while I was dithering about when to follow them, Tom called and said the roads were bad and we should stay put.

So, wimp that I am I decided we would stick around and leave for Chicago the next day.  The plan was to spend a couple days in the Big City and then come to Michigan to spend Christmas with my parents.  And did I mention that I had my dad bring all the presents, including the Santa presents to his house?

Yesterday when I checked the weather I saw the forecast and got a little anxious.  Okay, I got a lot anxious.  I called Tom and told him I thought maybe we should come all the way to Michigan and skip the Chicago part of our trip.  We drove to my sister’s house, Tom met us there and we drove up last night.  Thus, of course, ensuring that the weather will be fine for the next couple of days.

*may not actually be living the high life.

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