Operation Santa

I have finished all the Santa wrapping, and most of the non-Santa wrapping.  Actually I think the only non-Santa presents I still have to wrap are mine, so I suppose it doesn’t really matter if I don’t get to those.  Yes I wrap my own Christmas presents.  I buy them too.  You are welcome to feel sorry for me.

I felt like I had to do a really good job on the Santa front this year, because the children know The Awful Truth about the fat man.  I know this because of some of the comments they have been making.  Comments like:

“Mom, we really hope Santa leaves us York Peppermint Patties in our stockings this year” and “Mom, we don’t like those cherry candy canes, so tell Santa not to leave any this time”. The word mom in those sentences was given a special emphasis.

The final nail in the coffin was a conversation we had about the pickle ornaments.  For those of you not familiar with this tradition allow me to explain.  We have an ornament shaped like a pickle.

A pickle ornament

We don’t hang it on the tree we leave it for Santa.  Santa hides the ornament somewhere on the tree and the kids look for it.  Whoever finds it first gets the pickle gift.  In most families this is something silly like candy or something the whole family can share like a game.  Well, we have two pickle ornaments because I have the two most competitive children on the planet, and I couldn’t bear the thought of what Christmas morning would be like if there was only one ornament, and only one present.

There, now that I’ve told you that story I can tell you this story:

We were decorating the tree and discussing what to do about the pickle ornaments since we will be in Michigan.  We were trying to decide if we should take them with us or not.  Princess O helpfully pointed out to me that there is really only supposed to be one pickle per family.  I told her I knew that, but that we had two because when they were little kids they would get upset if just one of them got an extra present.  The C-man chimed it with “yeah, but mom, you always just leave us bubble bath”.  Then he all but slapped his hand over his mouth.  The look on his face clearly said, “oh crap, now I’ve done it”.

So they know.  And I know they know, and they know I know they know.  So I wanted to really do up the Santa thing this year to show them that Santa still comes, even when you know he’s not really Santa.  Does that make sense?


One thought on “Operation Santa

  1. We, too, have a pickle ornament. We’ve had neighborhood gatherings several times and the children of the ‘hood find the pickle. The prize is chocolate coins (those gold-wrapped things). Everyone gets ’em; just the finder gets more.

    Neighborhood kids are too grown now, or moved away, but we put the pickle up anyway and give ourselves a glass of something yummy (and not for kids) as a prize for even having a pickle ornament.

    Merry, merry!

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